Casta del Sol Specialists - Raymond and Kelly

Kelly and I specialize in Casta del Sol.  She lives here and knows everything there is to know about living here and I've specialized exclusively in Casta del Sol Real Estate since 2013 (I live in Irvine).  Our partner, Valorie, also lives in Casta and is retiring this year.

I'm the Inside Sales Agent and Kelly is the Outside Sale Agent.  My primary objective is to monitor this website and answer your questions immediately.  The goal is to answer the phone within a few rings, or emails and website inquiries upon receipt.  I also assist Kelly with hosting Open Houses, home inspections and estimating property values, etc.  That leaves Kelly available to provide tours of Casta del Sol, including visiting homes, listing properties, answering questions and negotiating transactions.

Approximately 90% of our client relationships started with a phone call, requesting a tour of the community.  After you've browsed our website, let us know if you have questions about living here.  And if you're new to Casta del Sol, let us know when you have a couple hours to spare and we'll go on a tour.

Meanwhile, if you have a specific question for us right now, you can click here to ask.

Meet the Team